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Join a team that changes patient's lives.

Enjoy the challenge of making a difference.

Be part of a team of chartered physiotherapists who specialise in the effective removal of pain.

Typically we help individuals 40 years and older who are suffering with a pain that stops them from leading the life they love.
We empower our clients, to get better, stay better and live the life they love, free from the dictations of pain.

Why Us?

Why Work With AMS Physio?

Because we care for each and every person we have the priviledge to work with

What our clients think.

More than 90% of our clients would recommend AMS Physio to their nearest and dearest. We would be foolish to think we could cure everyone, but that won't stop us from trying, but most importantly, if we cannot help someone then you can rest assured that we will be honest about that and work hard as their advocate to find the treatment that they need.

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Freedom and Responsibility

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Enjoy the freedom produced when you take control and deliver the treatment you want to deliver within a supportive team environment where you make the decisions that change people’s lives.

Feel increased respect as you accept and deliver on the responsibility to manage someone’s care safe in the knowledge you have the support of an experienced team behind you available and ready to deliver the support you might need.

Get back to being the clinician you dreamt you could be.

A Better Work - Life Balance

Sometimes we have to work to live but wouldn’t it be good if we could maintain that balance between living our lives and delivering the professional service we wish to.

With access to administrative support, online systems to help you work from home and flexible hours that suit your needs, working at AMS Physio can provide you with the work life balance you are looking for. Look forward to work and enjoy a balance to your life with AMS Physio.

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Motivated and Varied Clients to Support

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Feel valued and respected as you go about your role of changing people’s lives and making people better. With clients from a wide range of all walks of life presenting you with an even broader range of aspirations and desires you are sure to be challenged within a supportive environment where every day is different but equally rewarding.

Career Progression and Variety

We all have different aspirations and desires for our careers and equally our desires and motivations can change over time. AMS Physio can offer you the chance to develop your clinical skills, learn new specialist skills or take on new challenges as you desire.

So whether you wish to specialise clinically, maintain a broad set of skills, open your own clinic or manage a team AMS Physio can offer you the opportunities and more importantly the career progression you can be proud of.

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