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About You

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You are a fun, personable, outgoing physiotherapist and have a desire to excel in private practice.

You’re always looking to develop your clinical knowledge and skills, and are eager to take on new and exciting challenges.

You are an ambitious and motivated Physiotherapist with a thirst for knowledge, a can-do attitude and a desire to excel in Private Practice.

Perhaps you are looking for your first role in a practice or maybe you just aren’t fulfilled with your career so far and know that there is a better opportunity waiting for you.

Things are about to change, read on to hear how:

You’ll be our future physiotherapy practitioner, our musculoskeletal and sports injury management expert, you’ll take pride in your physiotherapy career and get great results.

You’ll have great people skills, fantastic communication and enjoy working as part of a dynamic team, and having a laugh and banter in our vibrant culture.

You want to earn a fantastic base salary, and be financially rewarded as you grow your case load. You want the opportunity to become more than just a standard team member because you know that you are able to deliver so much more.

About Us

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We are a well-established, and progressive group of practices known for delivering excellent patient outcomes in a fun and friendly environment. With over 15 years of history we are continuing to expand due to a popular following amongst patients, medical referrers, strong networks and an excellent community reputation.

We are committed to helping all of our physios to reach their potential professionally and personally and provide all the support necessary for you to reach your goals in a caring, fun and supportive environment. We offer an attractive salary with great performance incentives so you are rewarded for you hard work.

Whether you are a young energetic physio looking for an inspiring practice to leap frog years in your learning curve, or you are more experienced and want to expand your career opportunities and reach your true potential, we would love to meet you.

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Life at AMS Physio is so much more than just a job.

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Do you love Autonomy and Responsibility

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Enjoy the freedom produced when you take control and deliver the treatment you want to deliver within a supportive team environment where you make the decisions that change people’s lives.

Feel increased respect as you accept and deliver on the responsibility to manage someone’s care safe in the knowledge you have the support of an experienced team behind you available and ready to deliver the support you might need.

Get back to being the clinician you dreamt you could be.

Looking for that Perfect Work - Life Balance

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Are you looking for more than just a job?

Do you arrive at work with a spring in your step like we do?

Some people unfortunately have to work to live but wouldn’t it be good if we could maintain that balance between living our lives and delivering the professional service we wish to.

With access to administrative support, online systems to help you work from home and flexible hours that suit your needs, working at AMS Physio can provide you with that perfect work life balance you are looking for.

Start Looking forward to work and enjoy a balance to your life with AMS Physio.

Do you wish to help Motivated Clients

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Feel valued and respected as you go about your role of changing people’s lives and making people better. With clients from a wide range of all walks of life presenting you with an even broader range of aspirations and desires you are sure to be challenged within a supportive environment where every day is different but equally rewarding.

Are you looking to Progress your career

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We all have different aspirations and desires for our careers and equally our desires and motivations can change over time. AMS Physio can offer you the chance to develop your clinical skills, learn new specialist skills or take on new challenges as you desire.

So whether you wish to specialise clinically, maintain a broad set of skills, open your own clinic or manage a team AMS Physio can offer you the opportunities and more importantly the career progression you can be proud of.