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Frequently Asked Questions

At AMS Physio we look for clinicians with the best behaviours and attitudes who want to care for people and who enjoy helping people get better and live life to the full. Of course you must be suitably qualified but we believe that with the correct support and education we can ensure you are confident and capable of delivering the effective treatment that our clients expect. We cannot and do not wish to change who you are and how you view the world so we are looking to recruit people who have similar values and beliefs as we do.

We hold in high regard a number of foundational beliefs and values. These include transparency and honesty. We believe that these beliefs and values hold us accountable for our actions and help to guide our development and skills. To read more about our beliefs and our values click here.

You can find out more about our specific recruitment processes by clicking here but most importantly we encourage you find out more about us first. If you think that you are what we are looking for and that you would fit into our amazing team, then simply submit your CV to us by email.

Clinicians at AMS Physio earn an attractive salary with great performance incentives so you are rewarded for your hard work.

No. AMS Physio does not open on bank holidays and therefore unless you specifically wish to work on a bank holiday you will not be expected to do so.

No. Some clinicians choose to work evenings and weekends as these can be more favourable hours to treat patients, but no one is expected to work at weekends or in the evening.

You will need to be a Chartered Physiotherapist and Registered with the HCPC other than that AMS Physio is more strongly focused on recruiting clinicians with principles and attitudes that are the best fit to the principles and attitudes that we hold. If you are lacking an experience or qualification then we can help support you gain these skills. We look to recruit the most suitable people for our amazing team rather than the necessarily the most experienced individuals.

Although it might be an advantage to have worked in a private practice or to have some private practice experience, it is not essential as we provide a thorough familiarisation process before anyone starts work for us along with ongoing training. We will ensure you feel both competent and confident in your ability to deliver the most effective treatment to our clients before you begin changing their lives.

No, not if you don't wish to. We want you to integrate into and feel part of this awesome team at AMS Physio. We ensure that you work in a clinic with the support of an experienced AMS Physio clinician. In the future if you feel confident and happy then we can look to offer you opportunities to work in a smaller branch clinic on your own if you wish.

Absolutely. Life is dynamic and both your and our circumstances can change. At AMS Physio we look to develop and change with you whether this is for the short term or for a longer period of time.

There are certain advantages and responsibilities to either route and these can be addressed at a later date if you are successful in being offered a chance to join our team.

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